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MLS FC Dallas Starting Only with 3 US Based Players

Only 3 American players started for Dallas in their last MLS game.

But they did start a bunch of unknown foreign players like 32 year old “Atiba Harris” from St. Kitts. He’s got 14 international goals against teams like Barbados, Dominca, and Guyana. These teams play at the level of a college all-star team. Why is he crowding out Americans from the MLS when he’s no better than up and coming young American players? I bet you’ve never heard of him either.

Dallas also started “Roland Lamah” from the Ivory coast who was last playing in a 5th tier soccer country in Hungary and last played for Belgium in 2010. I’ve never heard of this guy either and he’s not a part of the Belgium World Cup teams. So why is he crowding out Americans from America’s league?
In reality you’ll never know if these players are better than the Americans that they displaced because the Americans won’t get the chance to develop and mature and prove themselves. Americans aren’t getting the chance to play in their own domestic professional league.

Dallas also has a foreign born and raised coach and a foreign born and raised manager. Why is this team even in the MLS? It might even have more low quality players from Argentina than actual teams in the Argentinian 3rd division league!

MLS has too many unknown foreign players and it hurts our national team who failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup and the last two Olympics.

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