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How Positive Visualization Leads to a Mindset of Creating Abundance for Athletes

Article by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance.

Mental toughness is one of the most overlooked aspects of sports performance. It is arguably just as important as physical fitness, practice, and diet. Olympic athletes and world champions know this to be true, so they have turned to the useful practice of positive visualization to create abundance during competitions.

Sports psychologists have acknowledged the positive effects of mindfulness and positive visualization on athletes’ performance. By visualizing victory and the steps you have to take to achieve it, you can train your brain to shut out distractions and negative emotions that can affect how you play. Positive visualization can even be practiced in tandem with meditation for heightened focus and mindfulness during the most intense parts of competition.

Meditation and positive visualization enable athletes to overcome negative emotions such as fear, ego, and anger. These emotions can often lead to overthinking and hesitation during the most crucial moments of a game. By pairing these mental training methods with physical practice, you can train yourself to perform to your fullest potential almost instinctively.

By being hyper-focused on the game with no distractions, you won’t have to think about making the right move or play. It will come to you almost subconsciously, and your training will take over. Your body will move without hesitation, enabling you to play with joy rather than fear or pressure. Sports can be full of stress and pressure, but at the end of the day, they are supposed to be fun. Train your mind so you can play your best without any worries at the forefront of your mind.

Zhang Xinyue is the founder of Create Abundance organization and author of the book with the same name. Create Abundance is a book full of advice on practicing body-mind-spirit cultivation. IT aims to promote a meaningful and applicable approach to the philosophical issues in life.

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